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Our Technology

medical sampling tray

Meniscense’s patented volume measurement technology uses optical interferometry to determine the liquid fill level of microplate wells. Optical interferometry is a well-established method in the precision metrology of solid surfaces such as optical and microelectromechanical components. Applied to liquids, interferometric sensing offers a high-resolution and non-contact means for volume measurement, avoids the potential for sample contamination, and does not require adding dyes. The sample remains unaffected, so real time monitoring becomes possible.

We have published a peer-reviewed paper on our technology and demonstrated a volume resolution of < 0.02 µl and a volume inaccuracy of < 2% in 96-well plates.

Our technology delivers better data, because results reflect the physicochemical properties of the actual sample, rather than relying on calibrated dye solutions as dummy reagents. It reduces costs and test times, because monitoring does not consume precious sample, and because no custom consumables or lengthy calibrations are required. Our technology senses light from a probe beam reflected at the liquid surface, and it can be applied to most liquids, including turbid samples and samples containing beads or cells. Our instrument can easily be integrated into liquid handling workflows. Users save time because they do not need to run a dedicated liquid handling program to perform a volume measurement, or reconfigure the robot, as competing methods require. There is currently no other solution on the market that offers the same combination of benefits.

The Meniscense Volume Measurement Instrument is now available. Please contact us with inquiries.

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